DT Swiss Upkit 54T with Special Grease

DT Swiss Upkit 54T with Special Grease

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A nice set of wheels are some of the best upgrades you can make to your bike. But, nice wheels aren't only about being lightweight and high strength. It's also about performance. Increasing the rate of hub engagment will give you more immmediate power right when you need it. Power out of corners and ratchet up technical climbs without losing power output to excessive slack or free stroke in your cranks. The DT Swiss Ratchet 54t Upgrade kit, will triple the engagement points of your stock 18 tooth star ratchet. After installation engagement, of your hub will only take 6.6° of pedal movement vs the 20 degrees stock set up. The kit includes everything you need to make the swap quick swap including two star ratchets, two springs and DT Swiss' specially formulated Molykote grease. Upgrade fits DT Swiss 190 ceramic, 240, 350 or 440 hubs.


  • 54 tooth upgrade option triples the number of hub engagment points
  • 6.6° degree of engament drives power to the hub faster compared to the 20° of the 18t and 10° of the 36t
  • Upgrade kit includes two star ratchets, two springs, and Molykote grease
  • Compatibility Fits all current DT star ratchet hubs and wheels